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Young Global Leaders and Alumni Annual Summit: Co-Creating a Sustainable Future

Global Footprint Network is hosting and leading an insight expedition “Co-Creating a Sustainable Future” as part of the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Young Global Leaders and Alumni Annual Summit in San Francisco. WEF established the Forum of Young Global Leaders to foster leaders in public-private cooperation and forge a new model of global governance for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Every year, the Forum honours 100 outstanding and uniquely accomplished individuals who are committed to building a peaceful and prosperous shared global future. In return for the honour, the Forum enlists these diverse technologists, teachers, entrepreneurs and innovators in a process of discovery, to achieve more collectively than they could on their own.

This year’s cohort of 100 comprises an equal number of business and not-for-profit leaders, more than half of whom are from emerging economies. Not for the first time, the majority are women. They include the world’s most accomplished under-40-year-olds, including a head of state, a Formula One champion and a decorated human rights lawyer.

Participation at this event is by invitation only.