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Embracing milestones, celebrating change: The evolution of Global Footprint Network towards a sustainable future

We’re pleased to share that Global Footprint Network has reached a significant landmark of 20 years, and our Ecological Footprint methodology is celebrating 30 years. Over these decades, we’ve gained valuable insights and made important strides towards sustainability. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we are looking forward to fostering deeper engagement with our stakeholders.

A noteworthy addition to our team six months ago has been CEO Steven Tebbe. Steven is dedicated to establishing connections with influential figures in policy-making, academia, corporate, and finance sectors, with the aim of guiding us towards a more informed and sustainable society.

With the introduction of the EU Green Deal, the need for a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, and science-backed methodology to address our environmental issues has come to the fore. We firmly believe that the Ecological Footprint could serve as the key tool in providing sustainable solutions for all stakeholders.

Global Footprint Network, since its founding, has undertaken numerous initiatives and encouraged worldwide dialogue on our ecological concerns. To better serve our mission, we are relocating our global headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland, while also positioning our senior staff across the EU and broadening our network globally.

Our Co-founder, Mathis Wackernagel, is transitioning from President of Global Footprint Network to serve instead on the global Board of Directors, as well as act as a Special Advisor to the CEO. Mathis’ continued involvement will ensure the integrity of our work.

Mathis is optimistic about Global Footprint Network’s future, stating, “I will continue to contribute my passion, expertise, and insights from my position on the board. Steven’s leadership will help Global Footprint Network strengthen its ability to accelerate the much-needed sustainability transformation.”

We invite you to welcome this transition and join us in expressing our gratitude to Mathis for his dedicated leadership over the years.