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Three Decades & Counting

Insights from successes and failures in 30+ years of communicating about sustainability

Global Footprint Network has been experimenting with communicating about resource constraints and biological regeneration since its inception. Mathis Wackernagel, its founder, has battled with this challenge even longer. In our blog series Three Decades & Counting, he reflects on our communications over the years and how we’ve learned from our successes and failures. Take a peak “behind the curtain” and share your thoughts and perspectives with us via the form at the bottom of each post.


Three Decades & Counting Blog Series

Global Footprint Network took on the challenge of making the topic of overshoot attractive, engaging, and even empowering. Its efforts have been largely a communication and engagement project, built on an accounting system with a robust scientific foundation. No Small Feet traces the communication approaches and principles, extracting key lessons, from the time Ecological Footprint was established in the early 1990s all the way to today.

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