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State of the States
Media Coverage

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National Geographic: Is your state consuming more than nature can provide?

Fortune: The US now has an ‘ecological deficit,’ report finds.

Fast Company: California needs 8 Californias to support itself at the rate it’s using up the earth

The Sacramento Bee: California is overusing its natural resources

Chicago Tribune: Another Illinois deficit? The state uses three times more environmental resources than it has

Univision: Estados Unidos entra hoy en deuda ecológica para 2015

WBCSD: The WBCSD used the State of the States Report as the foundation for a Sustainable Lifestyles workshop held with Whirlpool at its ReNEWW House attended by a cross-sectoral group of international companies. View and download the Sustainable Lifestyles Report here.

Great Lakes Echo: Great Lakes states are in ecological debt

The Oregonian: Oregonians have among nation’s smallest ‘ecological footprint’

The Advocate: Louisiana, U.S. using more natural resources than contained within

Boise State Public Radio: Report Ranks Idaho #1 For Green Energy, But Coal Imports Show A Different Picture

Standard Examiner: Report classifies Utah as a natural resources hog

Tri-State Transportation Campaign: Why New York Has the Lowest Ecological Footprint of Any State

Austin-American Statesman: Overuse of resources in Texas puts its economy at risk

Ecomento: The US is now running an ecological deficit: Report

OnEarth: A state-by-state breakdown of who is more frugal with their resources and who is in ecological debt

American Press: Think tank says U.S. in ecological deficit

TreeHugger: The US is now running an ecological deficit, according to a new report

Daily Chronicle: Another View: United States in ecological deficit

ATTN: Here are the states that drain the most of our natural resources

Capital Gazette letter to the editor: Ecological debt

Mercados de Medio Ambiente: Estados Unidos está en déficit ecológico

Water Online: Amid Drought, Think Tanks Warn Of U.S. ‘Eco Deficit’

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York: Protecting and Providing Natural Resources – Find Out How It Can Be Done. Listen to the radio interview with Dr. Mathis Wackernagel from 37:30 – 57:00 minutes.

State of the States: Twitter Chat recap