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We need a new Footprint Calculator!

Are you one of the two million people who used our Ecological Footprint Calculator last year?If so, you know it’s value and impact. You also know an update of the calculator is overdue.

Help us make it even more accessible, versatile, and impactful.

Our current online tool is the world’s leading Footprint calculator (www.footprintcalculator.org). It is especially popular in classrooms, from middle-schools to universities. But it is not mobile friendly. There are now 2.5 billion mobile Internet users today, up from 500 million in 2008, when our online calculator was built. Let’s make it possible for all of them to join the movement.

Invest in this essential change-making tool.

The newly integrated calculator will ultimately incorporate immersive activities and games. It will entertain, inspire, and inform. It will enable environmental organizations, cities, corporations, educational institutions, and individuals to use Global Footprint Network’s unique data and insights and turn them into action.

The calculator empowers and amplifies systemic change. We’re excited about new features that will encourage users to share their insights, innovations, and solutions for achieving one-planet prosperity.

Please make a generous contribution TODAY.

THANK YOU – for your past support and your continued belief in our vital work – it means the world to us! Please join us in making this effort successful.

“There is one measure, and one measure only, describing the capacity and relationship between human society and living systems: ecological footprinting. It is the only standard by which we may calibrate our collective impact upon the planet, and assess the viability of our future. It is “true north” when it comes to sustainability; no report about the environment is complete without it.”

—PAUL HAWKEN, Natural Capital Institute and Project Drawdown
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