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The Fish Game and other fun online educational resources

image of animation from the online fish game
Image from Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

Are you sheltering-and-educating-in-place due to COVID-19? We know this can be a challenging time trying to keep our lives together while, quite literally, saving the world from the confines of our homes. We recognize the need for free online educational resources for students or inquisitive adults alike, and are happy to share a handful of our favorite Footprint and sustainability resources.

  1. The Fish Game
    You have 10 days to catch as many fish as you can. The money you make from these fish will need to support your family for the next month. Each fish nets $2. The Fish Game, created by the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, helps kids and adults better understand resource constraints and sustainability. Play the game online and find out how to make the most out of your resources!
  2. Contest to guess the date of Earth Overshoot Day 2020
    Initially set up as a competition for classrooms, this contest is now open to individual students and their families. There’s a lesson plan and a couple of helpful hints to help participants come up with their best guess for the date of Earth Overshoot Day this year.
  3. The World’s Largest Lesson – Understanding Sustainable Living
    This lesson was developed for ages 11-14 to address the Sustainable Development Goal #12, Responsible Consumption and Production. The lesson plan features the Footprint Calculator and profiles of four children around the world for class (or living room) discussion.
  4. Footprint Futures Module
    Footprint Futures is a university-level teaching module for exploring the sustainability challenge facing human economies. The module consists of a student-driven exploration into what the optimal scale of material demand is for a national economy, using real country examples. More specifically, it asks: What would be a given country’s optimal Footprint compared to the country’s biocapacity by 2050?
  5. Videos
    Watch a video about the Ecological Footprint, climate change, natural resources, and more. Our curated collection features a TEDx talk, Bill Nye, Concerned Kittens, and National Geographic Kids.

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