It’s official: Footprints for monitoring biodiversity health

photo credit: UN Biodiversity All five mechanisms that drive down biodiversity are symptoms of ecological overshoot (see also the adjacent blue box). Overshoot is caused by the human economy’s demand for more resources from nature than nature can regenerate. This... Read More

New CEO Steven Tebbe means business

The former Managing Director of CDP Europe eyes deeper engagement with policy makers, corporate decision makers and financial markets to help accelerate sustainability and climate action across the board. GENEVA, SWITZERLAND and OAKLAND, CA — December 1st, 2022 — Global... Read More

The Stockholm Syndrome

What does the Stockholm syndrome have to do with resource security? Read on! 50 years ago, from June 5–16, 1972, the United Nations held its largest ever gathering on development and environment: the Conference on the Human Environment, which convened... Read More

Implications of the Ukraine invasion: a resource overview

By Leo Wambersie, research associate, David Lin, Ph.D., chief science officer, and Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D., founder and president The Ukraine invasion comes with heart-breaking human suffering. It will also impact people far away from the war as global supply chains... Read More

Explore the University Footprint Calculator!

The wait is over: after two years of hard work, the EUSTEPs project delivered the tool for Higher Education Institutions to measure their environmental impact, guide their efforts towards sustainability, and track their progress. Launched on April 1st, 2022, the... Read More