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Letter from the CEO: Racial justice and sustainability movements are inextricably linked

Dear friends of Global Footprint Network,

As an organization, we work to build a world where all thrive within the means of nature. Central to that vision is the idea that all thrive. Without question, racism, exclusion, and oppression are incompatible with this vision. The sustainability and racial justice movements are inextricably linked.


Recently, Global Footprint Network has been silent on the protests occurring in my community and around the world. I regret that I personally did not do more to publicly express our support for the Black community, and our disgust at systemic and entrenched inequality. I was reminded though, that it is not enough to assume people know and trust our hearts’ intentions.


Throughout my journey, I have always understood sustainability as being clearly grounded in the pursuit of environmental justice for all – especially those who have experienced injustice because of skin color, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Now is the time to channel our private pain into public, explicit action. 


I do not have all the answers but as a leader, living in the USA, I can start by saying, unequivocally: Black Lives Matter. 


In solidarity,

Laurel Hanscom, CEO

Global Footprint Network