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5 Things you didn't know about Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! With Ireland on our minds, we wanted to share a few Footprint facts about the Emerald Isle.

  1. We would need 2.8 planets if everyone in the world used natural resources at the same rate as Ireland.
  2. In 2017, Ireland’s country overshoot day fell on 10 May. A country’s overshoot day is the date when Earth Overshoot Day would fall if all of humanity consumed like the people in this country.
  3. The average Ecological Footprint of Irish residents is 4.8 global hectares per person. The world average is 2.8 global hectares per person.
  4. 53 per cent of Ireland’s Footprint comes from the carbon Footprint, and that’s smaller than the world average of 60 per cent!
  5. Ireland’s ecological budget went into the red in 1968.

Ecological Footprint-biocapacity graphic of Ireland

How does Ireland compare to your country? Find out at the Ecological Footprint Explorer: data.footprintnetwork.org.