RAI: Milano il cibo del futuro giusto e sostenibile

E’ possibile un consumo di cibo più giusto e sostenibile? Andiamo a Milano al Food Economy Summit e scopriamo questo New Deal dell’alimentazione tra produzione, filiere e tecnologie. Intervista con Dr. Alessandro Galli, direttore del programma mediterraneo a Global Footprint... Read More

Ecological Footprint Solutions Livestream

To launch the National Footprint Accounts 2019 edition, we hosted a livestream with distinguished panelists to discuss sustainability solutions addressing population, food, energy, and urban mobility. Panelists included: ALISHA GRAVES, MPH, Co-Founder of the OASIS Initiative at the University of... Read More

Como o berço de Portugal adotou a Pegada Ecológica

[Read in English] A cidade de Guimarães é o berço de Portugal. Localizada no Norte do país, Guimarães foi a primeira capital de Portugal no século XII e, mais recentemente, em 2011, o seu centro histórico foi declarado Património Mundial... Read More

Olympics Data Story: North & South Korea

As the PyeongChang Olympics come to a close, we thought it would be interesting to explore the Ecological Footprints and biocapacities of North and South Korea. Watch the latest installment of our Data Stories series. And please subscribe to our YouTube... Read More

Data Stories: Ecuador

Ecuador is near and dear to the heart of Laurel Hanscom, our program director. She served there in the Peace Corps. It’s also on the cutting edge of environmental policy—it was the first country to recognize the rights of nature... Read More

Data Stories: Russia

We are excited to be launching a new video series called “Data Stories” to showcase the myriad ways our Footprint data is used around the world. Watch our debut segment to find out what we’re “disclosing.” We also share some... Read More