Ecological Footprint Initiative begins with a bang!

By David Lin, Chief Science Officer, Global Footprint Network Earlier this month, Laurel Hanscom, Global Footprint Network CEO, and I led an intensive workshop on Ecological Footprint Accounting and production of the National Footprint Accounts to kickstart the Ecological Footprint... Read More

California hosted a high-level climate forum! Now what?

Climate change urges us to design our economy anew.  By Mathis Wackernagel, Co-founder and president, Global Footprint Network Yes, there was excitement. More than 4,000 governors, mayors, ministers, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, and CEOs of some of the world’s biggest... Read More

New research to support sustainable fishing in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean consumes 70 per cent more fish than the global average and nearly all (93 per cent) Mediterranean fish stocks are over-fished. Global Footprint Network is collaborating with WWF’s Marine Initiative and other partners to encourage sustainable small-scale fishing... Read More

Como o berço de Portugal adotou a Pegada Ecológica

[Read in English] A cidade de Guimarães é o berço de Portugal. Localizada no Norte do país, Guimarães foi a primeira capital de Portugal no século XII e, mais recentemente, em 2011, o seu centro histórico foi declarado Património Mundial... Read More